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5K FAST! | Spring 2019


5K FAST! | Spring 2019

Program Start: April 9th
Program Schedule: Tuesdays
Goal Race: THE BIG RUN!
Program Fee: $75
Description: You've got to have it! The need. The need for speed! Incorporating speed training into your workout is a beneficial way to improve fitness and teach your legs to turn over more quickly, all the while mixing up the weekly running mileage. Whether you currently run a pace like a 7-minute mile, 10-minute mile, or 13-minute mile, speed training will make you stronger and faster. This 10-week training program meets once a week with group sessions ranging from 1 to 4 miles that focus on form drills, dynamic warm-ups, various speed workouts, and having fun! It all happens on the St. Andrew's track in Ridgeland, so no getting lost in a crowd or figuring out where to go! Working from your current starting point, speed training will help you develop speed, as well as prepare you for a great kick and finish at any 5K!
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