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Magnolia Meltdown 13.1 Finish | Spring 2019

Program Start: February 5th
Program Schedule: Tuesday @ 6PM and Saturday Mornings at 7 AM
Goal Race: Magnolia Meltdown March 30th
Program Fee: $75
Description: Ever done a half marathon? Maybe you've done a few but don't can't beat a certain time. Whether you are a novice or expert, the 13.1 Finish program will challenge you to not only go the distance, but have fun while doing it! This year we will be training for the Magnolia Meltdown! Our 8-week training program is designed for runners who have already completed their first 5K and are ready to step it up to go further, faster! Group workouts take place twice a week (Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings) with expert advice, running clinics, customized-coaching, as well as camaraderie, motivation, accountability, and FUN! Register today! More questions? Contact Michael Harrison:
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Tri 101 | Spring 2019 More Info »

Program Start: April 29th
Program Schedule: Monday Morning Swims, Saturday Morning Bike Rides
Goal Race: Tri to be Ella Strong
Program Fee: $100
Description: Wanted to do a triathlon, but not sure where to even start? What bike should you get? What are the swimming regulations? These questions and more will be answered in our very own triathlon training program! This 8-week club is for the beginner triathlete and will put an emphasis on creating a fun, comfortable, and motivating atmosphere for learning how to improve your swimming, biking, and running skills, and how to put it all together for the triathlon. Any questions? Come to the Info Meeting: April 22nd, Monday. For anything else, contact: Michael Harrison: First workout is the group swim on April 29th!
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5K FAST! | Spring 2019

Program Start: April 9th
Program Schedule: Tuesdays
Goal Race: THE BIG RUN!
Program Fee: $75
Description: You've got to have it! The need. The need for speed! Incorporating speed training into your workout is a beneficial way to improve fitness and teach your legs to turn over more quickly, all the while mixing up the weekly running mileage. Whether you currently run a pace like a 7-minute mile, 10-minute mile, or 13-minute mile, speed training will make you stronger and faster. This 10-week training program meets once a week with group sessions ranging from 1 to 4 miles that focus on form drills, dynamic warm-ups, various speed workouts, and having fun! It all happens on a track too, so no getting lost in a crowd or figuring out where to go! Working from your current starting point, speed training will help you develop speed, as well as prepare you for a great kick and finish at any 5K!
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5K Finish | SPRING 2019 More Info »

Program Start: March 12
Program Schedule: Tues. Thurs @ 6pm
Goal Race: The Big Run
Program Fee: $100
Description: This beginner 5k program includes a walking portion, a walk-run interval method, as well as a running exclusively method. We will have mentors to help you along the way in the group workouts. Not only will you receive coaching but you'll be educated on topics ranging from injury prevention, stretching, recovery, diet, gear and clothing and more! The 10 week program will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:00pm. We will have 2 informational meetings at Fleet Feet, on Tuesday March 5th in RIDGELAND and Thursday March 7th in FLOWOOD, both at 7:00pm. The program kicks off Tuesday March 12th at 6:00pm in Ridgeland or Flowood, depending on which one you sign up for. On June 5th we will celebrate the end of the program by participating AND FINISHING the BIG RUN!

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Program Start: ex: Sunday, January 18th, 6:00pm

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