Peter Davis

Bio: From the backwoods of TN, Peter got into running when his mom would force him to run at least 14 laps around the house (1 Mile.) When basketball and soccer started, he would run three miles around the house (42 laps!) to be ready for practice. When he decided to go to Belhaven, he saw all these cool people running around and decided to join them! With 4 years of collegiate cross country under his belt, Peter thought his running days were behind him, but Fleet Feet proved differently. Now with over 25 5ks done, 4 half marathons, and one trail marathon done, will Peter peter out? I’ve got a hunch that it’s just beginning...   

Favorite Race: “Chattanooga Scenic City Trail Marathon. It was my first marathon in the amazing mountains of Tennessee, but better yet, I ran it with all 3 of my brothers! It was a blast, and God blessed me with a great time to boot!”

Running Advice: “Running is a mental game, so build yourself up! Think positive thoughts before a race and never give up. Compromise is the enemy. You can always go further. You’re faster than you think.”

The Fleet Feet Difference: “We don't 'sell' you something, but educate, inform, and analyze what works best for you. We can go toe-to-toe with any tech, but we can also troubleshoot multiple  problems, not to mention having seasoned staff and experienced runners that know the ins and outs of all things running. Plus, you can always find someone to run with!

Running Motivation: “Running keeps me hungry, both literally and metaphorically. After a long day, or even before a day has begun, it’s great to get out there, meditate about God’s Promises, pray for my friends, and seek God’s will as I put some mileage in. The harder I run, the more focused I become.

Favorite Running Accessory: “CEP Compression socks. Keeps your legs fresh throughout a run and takes time out of stretching, not to mention that they make you look like a superhero.”  

Life Outside of Fleet Feet: “During the school year, I teach visual arts at the Veritas School, as well as coach their cross-country and track. I am an artist myself, working mainly in drawing and photography. I also play ultimate, play piano, sing in the choir at Redeemer Church, and mentor kids in the area. I also make movies here and there. Now if only there was more time to do all of that…” 

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