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Matthew and Lesley Holleman- Owners

Lesley Holleman joined Fleet Feet Jackson early on and helped it become the hub for runners and walkers alike that it is today. Originally from Baton Rouge, Lesley went to Delta State and walked on the Cross Country team her senior year. An active runner and exercise enthusiast, Lesley has completed seven marathons including the Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, and countless area 5 & 10K's and half-marathons.

Matthew Holleman grew up in Jackson and attended St. Andrews and Jackson Prep. After graduating from Ole Miss, Matthew was introduced into running by Lesley and has been on board ever since.

What makes Fleet Feet Different? “Our focus is on our customers, our community, and service. We want to educate our customers and serve our community through running.”

Favorite Running Essential? Garmin VivoSmart

Favorite Race? Lesley: “MS Blues Marathon. I’ve watched it grow from 60 people on the Trace to the Premiere Downtown Jackson Event it is today.” Matthew prefers Fleet Feet’s own: Blue Mile

Best Post-Run Food? Soulshine Pizza

Best Spot to Run? Ridgeland Multi-Use Trail. Start from Fleet Feet of course!

Chris Walker:
Store Manager

A Mississippi native, Chris Walker has been with Fleet Feet Sports and the Jackson running community for several years. His leadership in coaching and his expertise in shoes make him an ideal Store Manager. What motivates Chris to run? “I love being outside on the multi-use trail and to be competitive every now and then at local races.

Best Running Song?  Stubborn Love by the Lumineers

Favorite Race?  Fleet Feet Blue Mile

Best Post-Run Food? Lumberjack Slam at Denny’s

Peter Davis:
Sales Director/Fit Trainer

If you've seen someone running through Jackson or Ridgeland after 10pm, chances are it's Peter.

A Belhaven University runner, Peter Davis loves running out on any trail he can get his feet on. He is the cross-country coach at St. Augustine and trains the Fleet Feet staff on anya nd all running products. When he's not running, Peter is off making films, writing stories, or some other sort of art project.

Favorite Running Spot? Choctaw Trails and Butts Park

Motivation for Running? "Running is a kind of meditation for me where I can pray, plan out my day, and clear my head. The harder I run, the more focused I become."

Best Post-Run Food? Anything within arm's reach.

Ben McDonald:
Training Program Coordinator

Growing up Clinton, Ben has been involved in the running and triathlon community for years. An IronMan finisher, mountain biker, and ultra-runner, Ben McDonald loves tackling new distances and better P.R.’s. He currently lives in Brandon with his wife Taylor.

Motivation For Running? I run because God gave me that ability and desire and I want to do it as long as He allows.

What makes Fleet Feet Unique? "Locally Owned and Nationally Known"

Favorite running music? I don’t run with music.  I like to hear whats going on around me, the wind, my feet hitting the ground, my breathing, etc.

Peter Kazery:
Business Coordinator

From Clinton, Peter Kazery ran cross country at the University of West Alabama (2009-13). After college, he furthered his studies at Saint Francis University. Since then Peter has killed the MS running scene and has even placed in the Chicago and New York marathons. Peter enjoys coaching and motivating people to run in the community.

Favorite Local Race? BIG BUTTS 50k-100k

Favorite Post-Run Food? Gogurt

Life Outside of Fleet Feet? I enjoy surfing the world wide web, running, swimming, biking, talking smack, destroying people in volleyball, eating food, being outside, and brushing my teeth.

Lynn Williams:
Receiving Manager

Lynn grew up in Indianola, Mississippi and went to Mississippi State. Her great grandparents opened up the first family shoe store in Yazoo City in 1906. When she was a teenager, she worked at the shoe store some over the summers.  After her grandparents passed away, she bought the family shoe store and operated it for two years. Now she manages Fleet Feet inventory, stocking, receiving, and all sorts of other things.

Favorite race? 2012 Fleet Feet 8k Turkey Trot

What makes Fleet Feet different from other stores?  The customers! I lovearing customers share their reasons why they run and hike and the seeing the enjoyment they receive from it. I also enjoy seeing friends from my hometown (Indianola) and from where I live (Yazoo City.)

Favorite Running Essential? "Balega socks-They feel like soft cushioned pillows on your feet and they keep the moisture away."  

Michael Harrison:
Sales Manager

Michael is originally from Atlanta and went to school at UGA. He started running to stop smoking and found out that he really enjoyed it! Having worked at the Bike Rack for over 17 years, Michael can both fit you for shoes and give you some good advice on the bike. Michael also helps pace our triathlon programs.

What makes Fleet Feet Unique? The people who work there create positive vibe and the customers recognize it and appreciate it.

Training Essential? HR Monitor.

Post-Race Food? M & M (Mexican food and Margaritas!)


--Fit Specialists--

Ryan Crandall

Born and raised in Madison, Ryan graduated from St. Joseph Catholic School and ran cross country for Mississippi College. Ryan was the State 2A runner-up for Cross Country and State Champion for the 1600 and 3200 his senior year. His future goal is to own and operate his own Fleet Feet store one day.

What makes Fleet Feet unique? The services and tools it provides for the community and they way we help build it through volunteering and sponsorships.

Favorite Running Essential? Running Hat.

What is your favorite Local Race? Run Thru History

Will Kazery

Another Mississippi native, William is part of the infamous Kazery running family. Will has won a championship with his cross country team, West Alabama and regularly competes in the local races. He enjoys drinking Coke and sleeping.

Favorite Music? "Depends on the day. I like to match my music to my attitude!"

Best Running Essential? “My Garmin watch. When my watch’s battery dies, I pretty much start walking.”

Life Outside of Fleet Feet? Will is the owner and operator of Kazery Lawn Care. So if you need some landscaping done fast, Will is the man to do it!  

Carol Landwirth

Originally from the Delta, Carol has lived in Jackson for the last 30 years. She started running about 6 years ago and recently came to Fleet Feet after retiring from being an oncology/ hematology nurse.

What makes Fleet Feet a unique place? "The level of training that each employee receives to become an expert in fitting shoes and apparel properly.

Best Running Song? Riding Solo

What is your favorite Local Race? Tri to be Ella Strong

Daniel Burnett

Originally from Biloxi, Daniel Burnett kills it on the track and in the classroom. He is a graduate student and runs track for Mississippi College. He loves wearing his Oofos with pretty much anything, but especially after a hard workout. He loves to compete and to challenge his body to new limits.

Best Running Song? Sunday candy (Chance the rapper) 

Best Food Post-Run? Chocolate milk 

Favorite Running Spot? Biloxi beach  


Jeff Bolton

Jeff grew up in Raymond and served 26 years in the NAVY.  While at sea for eight months at a time, he would run on the treadmill despite the ship pitching back and forth. Having completed over 50 marathons, Jeff is an ultra-runner who favorite distance is the 50k.

What makes Fleet Feet so unique? The personal attention you get once you walk into our doors.  Our Fitid process is so unique and helps the customer to understand our attention to detail for putting them into the correct shoe.

Favorite Local Race? Ways Bluff 50K in Canton.  The team of runners that put on this race do an AWESOME job.

Favorite Running Spot? Two places.  Butts Park trails and Fleet Feet

Tanya Frohardt 

Tanya has always been doing something sports related. In 2012, she went through several surgeries that risked her life and she decided to start running to maintain good health. That’s when she found Fleet Feet and has been running with us ever since.

Motivation for Running? Because I can. You only get one body, and it’s very easy to take it for granted.

What makes Fleet Feet a unique place? We are a family and we truly care about our customers.

Best Post-Run Food? Michelob Ultra and a greasy hamburger.


Newman Kazery

Newman Kazery has been running in Jackson since longer than he can remember. Growing up in Clinton, Newman is a MS native who loves participating in the local races, whether it’s a 5K or a marathon. He works in public affairs in the Army National Guard where he does graphic design and videography.

Motivation for running? It clears my mind from things that are going on throughout the day that I may worry about. Also because I like to eat a lot as well. 

Favorite Local Race? "My favorite local race would be the Mississippi Blues Half and Full Marathon mainly because I get to see people from all over the country running in a race that is put on to show off the best of what Mississippi has to offer."  

Favorite Running Spot? The reservoir, because it’s really pretty and has enough hills for training. 

Kelly Shannon

Jasmine Trotter

Abigail Easter

Elyse Smith



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